Mobile Applications

We offer development for the most popular mobile platforms. This includes native iPhone/iPad, Android and Windows mobile.

We develop:

  • Cross-platform application
  • Games
  • E-commerce application
  • Financial application
  • Intra-company application
  • Customize application

Excel is behind some of the most popular and complex apps for some of the best recognized brands in the world.


Systems Development

A one-stop service for your IT-projects

  • CRM systems
  • Gaming platforms
  • Social platforms
  • Back office
  • Data warehousing
  • Finance and banking systems
  • Pension and insurance systems
  • or plain old simple websites


Location-Based Services Technology

Revolutionise your customer experience through Location-Based Services (LBS) with iBeacon and Cisco CMX technology.

Location-based services technology allows businesses to interact with people and make use of traffic data in the environment that they operate in, whether for marketing campaign, user data analysis, and more. LBS can be used to inform customers about the new promotions, product details, or history of the places they are in. The technology can be easily integrated into softwares we develop.

Softwares that can be used with LBS:

  • Map and navigation systems
  • Loyalty program (for database collection and spending triggered promotions)
  • Marketing campaign management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customized softwares for your business needs

This technology is created with the main purpose of increasing marketing campaign efficiency by analysing customer’s behaviors and sending customized promotions and information that suit each individual’s needs through automated system.

iBeacons is a flagship technology of Apple that utilizes Bluetooth, while Cisco CMX operates with WiFi. As we are the official partner of Cisco, our LBS integrated product suite is our signature service that is invented and developed by Excel Bangkok.


UX/UI Design Solutions

We approach every piece of artwork as an extension of our own business. Designs that are easy to understand and navigate will draw more users and answer to their needs. With extended experience, our UX (user experience) designers ensure that the product logically flows from one step to the next. We conduct user tests to identify stumbling blocks and good flows to refine the best UX.

UI (user interface) is focused on how to product is laid. We pay attention on each screen, icon, font, and symbol, ensuring the visual coincide with the UX path.

Our team members are full of energy to create and take on design challenges. Have a look at some of our previous works.


Print Graphics

Anything you need to promote your business.

Graphic design for print and web:

  • Brochures
  • Business cards
  • Envelopes
  • Packagings
  • Banners
  • Promotional product design
  • Many more!!!


IT & Marketing Consultancy

We provide advice on how software solutions or business intelligence suit your marketing needs. Why IT software is an important tool for your business?

  • Collect precise data
  • Able to customise data analysis
  • Increase marketing campaign efficiency
  • Easy to manage and check
  • Keep track of history
  • Automate system through smart engine
  • Reduce human work
  • Save time
  • Reduce logistics costs
  • Reduce paper use
  • Etc.